Vending machine unit

The MAXXvend vending unit can be seamlessly integrated into all common vending machines and enables cashless sales via food vending machines according to the rules of the GoBD.

Cashless payment

Fiscally compliant reporting

Mapping of administration and controlling

For all types of vending machines - hot beverage, cold beverage, snack or deposit return machines.

Thanks to its compact design, MAXXvend can be integrated into any standard vending machine with MDB or BDV interface and offers you the following advantages:

  • GoBD-compliant
  • Fail-safe thanks to offline mode
  • Works with all common card systems

24/7 supply for your employees and guests

With MAXXvend, you can offer your employees and guests a quick way to eat and drink. The modules can be integrated into different types of vending machines, and payment is contactless via all common card systems.

In this way, you ensure 24/7 catering for employees and guests - without staffing costs and queues. The result: more satisfied employees, even during shift work. MAXXvend can be easily connected to the central MAXXplan management software via LAN or WLAN.