compact cash register

The ergonomically perfect solution for every point of sale in communal catering.

Suitable for any POS in mass catering

Supports all common smart card systems

Management via MAXXplan

The most flexible solution for your communal catering.

Central management via our MAXXplan software

Up to 14 guests per minute

GoBD compliant

Connection of all MAXXcash peripheral components possible

Offline mode for fail-safe operationText


Flexible solutions for the most diverse requirements

Whether cashless operation or cash payment, attended or self-service mode, online or offline mode - the MAXXcash compact covers a wide variety of operating modes securely and reliably.

As the perfect solution for truly every POS in the communal catering sector, it is suitable both for stand-alone operation in the small cafeteria and for the cloud-based, multi-site solution for large corporations. The MAXXcash compact fits seamlessly into any communal catering concept.