Best service on the road.

Contidata Team 5. Mai 2023

From now on, we will make your guest service easier with MAXXapp - a mobile app that allows your guests to find out about the menu in advance and order a menu.

MAXXapp is an advanced online mobile application designed specifically for use on smartphones and tablet PCs. It is designed to optimize the guest experience and provide your employees with a significant boost in convenience and service quality.

In the corporate catering sector, MAXXapp offers your guests a whole new experience by providing an efficient platform for a wide range of functions.

The application not only allows users to pre-order meals on the go, but also to evaluate the menus on offer. It also opens up the exciting possibility of using special extras, such as suggesting personalized desired menus.

For those who prefer to avoid queues and use their time more effectively, the MAXXapp offers a convenient solution. Guests can conveniently pre-order their menu for the day on the go or even directly from their workstation.

This process is supported by providing all the necessary information directly to their smartphone or tablet. This makes the entire ordering process a seamless and straightforward experience.

Another revolutionary aspect of the app is that it gives your guests the opportunity to actively shape the menu plan. This is done by incorporating their desired menus and ratings. This interaction transforms the user from a passive recipient to an active co-creator of the gastronomic experience.

In short, the MAXXapp is an indispensable asset for your corporate catering. It is a consistent response to the growing demands of the digital world and shows how modern technology can help to take the service and experience in company catering to a new level.

Through comprehensive functions and the user-friendly interface, the MAXXapp offers a unique platform through which all your guests will experience a plus in convenience and service quality.